What's new to SANDING


SU30 Unmanned Surface Vehicle is a new generation of SANDING water professional intelligent measurement equipment.

It mainly used in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other river basins. Achieves a variety of modes of measurement operations. The section measurement navigation is accurate, with the starting point hovering function and accurate measurement data, it can maximize the avoidance of personnel safety hazards and improve work efficiency.

Hysurvey software is specially designed and developed for USV series. The software can generate underwater topographic map and calculate the reservoir volume or project volume after post-processing.

l  Small in size

The hull is made of Kevlar and carbon fiber composite material, which makes the boat hull weight is only 7kg, it is very light weight, and such a material makes the boat sturdy and durable.

Meanwhile, the dimension of SU30 is 1205mm×560mm×440mm, it is able to be placed in the trunk of car, which is convenient for transportation. And also, easy to operate by one person, helps to save time and effort.

l  Modular Design

Quick replacement of batteries and instruments: match with ADCP, echo sounder, SBP, water quality device, etc.

Easy to maintain expand and update.

We will provide customizable device access ports in the software according to customers' requirement to ensure that the accessed devices can be used normally.

l  Auto-sailing

High accuracy automatic navigation/yaw less than 1m.

Users can write planning on software, the ship will return to starting point after job completes.

In the process of automatic navigation, the ship's navigation mode can be changed at any time through the remote control, in order to stand by in case of emergency.