Double modular redundancy design, flight control system onboard


Trochilus A22

 What shall be considered before purchasing a mapping drone?

1. Easy operation
2. Automated control
3. Output quality
4. Survey-grade demand
5. Cost efficiency
6. Responsive support
 A professional-level drone made for survey-grade mapping applications...
1. Simple assembly and quick hand launch
2. Humanized GCS software with interactive interfaces
3. Excellent flight attitude due to moderate drone weight
4. Quality imageries to generate survey-grade outputs
5. Reasonable costs versus high work efficiency
6. Trusted local dealer and renowned survey manufacturer standby

Mission Planning Simplicity

Low-battery Auto Return

Multi-zone Mission Planning

Large Area Photogrammetry

Terrain Condition Evaluation

GCS Power-off Protection

Compulsory Checklist Reminder

One-key Return Home

All-in-one GCS Processing

Aborting Landing Contingency

Extraordinary Interaction Experience


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