It is time to GoSLAM!


GoSLAM mobile measurement system adopts SLAM technology (Simultaneous localization and Mapping), that is, real-time positioning and mapping technology does not depend on GNSS positioning such as GPS.

In the movement of unknown environment such as indoor and outdoor space, self-positioning and incremental 3D mapping are carried out. It is committed to providing customers with solutions for mobile 3D laser measurement systems with a better user experience.

Supports multiple scanning modes and suitable for a variety of application scenarios. Compatible with backpack, UAV, vehicle and other mobile platforms.

Equipped with rotating laser probe and 120m range. With 320,000 scanner points per second and a wide viewing angle of 360°×285°.

The accuracy of the relative point is 1cm with low reflectivity extended-range mode.

The unique hybrid solution technology ensures the higher accuracy and greatly improves the speed.

Real-time preview of mobile app, replace traditional touch screens. Browse point cloud data in real time through APP during operation.